welcome to my dark little corner of the web.

the original purpose of this futile undertaking was to have a platform for conveniently combining & distributing research, findings, info, & whatever else. what was once nearly a pointless dream has turned into even less than that. 

there is only one thing that i would ask: that you view this with an open, flexible mind. if you are that astoundingly common combination of both arrogant & stupid, hit that X button in the top right. we do not enjoy people who manage to somehow be both stupid & arrogant in regard to that stupidity. be arrogant. be stupid. just be those things somewhere else. 

that said, i want to clarify that i welcome commentary, critiques, thoughts, ideas, even disagreements, as long as you can remain reasonably civil & level-headed. this is not a space to let out your inner karen or kyle.

oh, and if you're wondering about the HST reference, rest assured that i in no way expect to ever write something that even compares to the brilliance of any of his work. i just bought this domain ages ago as a way to cope with my disdain for the way people kept stealing it as captions for their stupid selfies and other forms of web pollution.

God bless 

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