Domesticating: the best household items i've found of the thousands i've tried

1) this amazing little cherry blossom tree that is for lack of a better term...whimsically joy-sparking

2) this thin, compact laptop charger that is much smaller than the type-c charger that came with my MacBook Pro and HP Spectre but charges just as well and costs way less...and has an extra USB charging port

3) this retro multi-purpose machine that makes coffee, has a tiny stove and is a toaster oven. I've always been obsessed with multi-tasking things and this was actually one of the first household items i ever purchased for my first apartment at age 18. it's great for camping, studios, office spaces, etc

4) these nice and ultra affordable metal headphones for when the homies don't want to hear my laptop audio. (not a big wireless headphones person)

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