understanding biohacking & lifehacking

Updated: May 14, 2020

Though he may not have been directly referring to biohacking at the time, I think Samual L Johnson said it best when he said "he who make a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being man."

I define lifehacking & biohacking as the pursuits of living optimally and efficiently. Another great description I once heard went "immersing oneself in the guts of the machine." The way I see it in practice is simply finding ways of doing things in a better way than we are generally brainwashed into via traditional lifestyle propaganda, and experimenting with or adopting them into one's lifestyle.

Some examples:

- Improving quality of sleeping, breathing, and other natural functions that are often executed incorrectly, but if improved, subsequently contribute positively to many other aspects of life

-Taking charge of emotions, consumption, impulses, vulnerabilities and strengths to become mentally and emotionally optimal for functioning above average

- Supplementing, repairing and improving physical and mental states by various means from nootropics to meditation

Part of the purpose of this stupid blog is to share my findings from these types of experiments. The primary reason I'm doing this is to streamline the information distribution process for those I care for and whose lives I would like to help potentially improve with the little insights I've accumulated while exploring the world, books, and internet.

I am not by any means or definition saying I'm an example of biohacking's potential. But I've always aspired to be a catalyst for guiding information to reach those those who need and deserve it to further their causes. In the name of that pursuit, I've recklessly experimented & tactically executed so many bio/lifehacks and this is where I'll be keeping track of my findings as well as collaborating with those in similar spaces.

Living the way I'm told has never been my bag, and I'm certainly not saying this with pride on any level--it has often been nothing short of a nightmare dealing with myself. It has been consequential many times in many ways, but has also rendered discoveries that almost, at certain points, made it worth the tribulations.

I'm also doing this because I believe in a better future. I believe that we are capable of so much more than the misery we subject ourselves to in the name of cultural and societal expectations, of commonality & normalcy. We are capable of so much more than crash dieting, wasting countless hours of precious time, getting consistently subpar sleep, wasting precious moments, medicating chronic heartburn, catching colds & being in a garbage mood until we die. That was kind of the road I was on before I realized that what's considered normal is actually quite atrocious.

These bodies we live in are designed to heal, recover, move, change, optimize, discover, break, reach flow states & zen states, rebuild, & feel amazing, but it requires breaking old patterns, research, trial & error, and being diligent in often unfamiliar ways in uncharted territories.

These are the types of hacks & secrets I will explore here. If you'd like to subscribe, do so below & I will send you my top 7 game-changing travel hacks that I use to optimize & simplify every trip and will be implementing as I travel this month to London, Prague, Minsk, Nice, Copenhagen, Dublin and Sweden. Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram & come along.

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